About Us

About Us

Taste & Tastes  are semi-liquid mixtures of one or more type of grain used to prepare food. Our branded batter mixes make whipping up delectable dishes a simple affair!

We are specialize in wholesale and retail fried chicken powder, chili sauce and fried chicken utensil.

Specialty Mixes - Fried chicken Breading (Fried Chicken Flour)


The Original Taste From Ipoh

Simple ! Easy ! Tasty !

Our principal business involves manufacturing, marketing and distribution of batter mixes, herbs & spices, fried chicken seasoning supplier,friend chicken flour,fried chicken seasonings, and beverages to food manufacturers, mini marts, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes and other food service organizations.

High Quality Flavour Products

Assuring our food products the highest standard of quality, Taste & Tastes sources its products from the trusted and reliable producers. In fact, it is our passion and obligation to fulfill the daily needs of homes and food outlets nationwide through our genuine food quality commitment.

Our products range

  • Fried Chicken Powder
  • Deep Fry Powder
  • Multi Purpose Frying Powder
  • Tempura Flour
  • Seasoning Flour and many more


‎‎Simple ! Easy ! Tasty !

‎‎Highly recommend Taste and Tastes All Purpose Seasoning Flour ,whether is fried chicken, vegetable, tofu,seafood or any meat, that is

Simple ! Easy ! Tasty !

No need to add any other seasoning or water Just 1 pack That It ! ^^

有了Taste and Tastes 品味(德利)多用途炸粉


只需一包 Taste and Tastes品味(德利)多用途炸粉 无需添加任何调味或液体,一包就搞定^^




Taste & Tastes  is committed to delivering consistent quality and affordable food products in partnership with suppliers, meeting customers' satisfaction and enhancing employees' well-being and shareholders' value.

Our Target

We pride ourselves on the service, we provide our customers and continue to offer more options to our growing customer base in the retail, restaurant supply and fast food sectors.We provide support to Micro, Small and Medium sized food companies in Malaysia. 

We hope our product will be the first choice of everyone. 

Feel interested please call Ms Wong 016-7980863.